How this all started.

How this all started.

Well this all kind of happened on accident.

STORY TIME this is going to be a little bit of a long one so saddle up if you are interested in hearing how all of this stuff started for me I have been telling this story a lot lately so i figured I’d write it out.

So I lost all my social media accounts and gaming accounts. in 2018 from a hacker. And I used to be a “gamer”. So losing that was pretty crappy. But it kind of made me restart. I wasn’t really in to social media besides I liked to look back on the memory’s of me riding and seeing a few friends.

So after that happened I made my Facebook and Instagram page again because it’s not normal to not have a page weird time we live in. I was never the most popular person. So I wasn’t trying to be more invisible than I already was. Shortly after creating the pages again I broke my leg(femur) and ankle. So I was laid up for 3 hard months.

This is when things really took a turn for me. I don’t know how many people understand what it’s like sitting alone at your house broken in pain and “alone”. Trying to not bother anyone for help for anything because things are tough when you can’t walk. And while I was laid up I had 2 friends come see me the entire time. This was a real eye opener that I must be a shity person. That no one cared to see. And I had a lot of time to think about that as all the bills came in as well. Obviously not working or making money. Can’t walk having a hard time doing things myself. Things were becoming really clear that I wasn’t doing a good job here with the time I was granted. So I had some really harsh realities to face all well on pain pills trying to get the real pain to go away. Things got extremely dark to simplify this paragraph.

Mentally I realized I wasn’t the best person I could be. And I needed to figure out what I needed to do to become a person I was proud of. So after some self reflection. I realized it was a lot of the way I perceived things and how others didn’t perceive it the same way. So I had to figure out people I honestly did not understand them at all. It wasn’t on purpose I thought I did understand them. But people don’t always show how they really feel I didn’t know how to read that. So I sat down and learned how to interact with people correctly.

So after I healed up I tried to step away from riding a little because it sucks being hurt. So I went back to work and just tried to be a better person and take all the things I learned about myself and people. Finally got caught up on my bills. But finally had a buddy invite me riding and that was the end of that not riding thing.

I got back on the bike that day and it was a feeling I couldn’t even explain no matter how hard I tried to. I knew I couldn’t stop riding it was something that was completely apart of me. So after that day I remembered how much I missed not being able to go back and look at the social media accounts that I lost and I said well I can’t fix the past but I can make new memories and that’s what I did!

I started going places with friends and documenting all of the places and who I was with! So I could go back and remember all the cool moments in my life! And while I was doing that it was weird I went from 200 followers to 5k in 1yr. Without trying to. I didn’t even know that was possible. So at the end of the year I thought to myself I did that without trying. Wonder what would happen if I tried to really show everything I was actually doing not just some of it. At the end of the year someone was asking me to get shirts. I was like dude there is no one anywhere that is going to buy a shirt off me no one would wear a “slowie” shirt. I got a random message on Instagram about someone who makes shirts I was like hell with it I’ll get 25 shirts. And lone be told I had those bastards for awhile lol! They didn’t sell well at all 😂 but that was a lesson it’s not all wins around here! And I’ll tell ya that! But I took them and made them my shirts! I’m always wearing them!

I finally bought a camera and honestly it all changed from there. I caught the danger boy deegan pro debut crash at Ironman. (My account grew 800 followers after that video.) And I almost wish I never did. Because everyone saying you’ll never top that and being known for that. I want to make my own way that was just one step of the journey. People really had me going when I was getting those messages man that’s it you’ll never get something Better than that. Speak for your self. I have way bigger plans then catching a 8 second clip.

This year we grew from 10k to 35k on Instgram and tiktok. But these people that are on this journey with me are hard core. Like when I walk around at a moto event I can’t stop hearing my name. It’s freakin mind blowing. Everyone says they have the most core fans. But man I have been going all around the east coast and it is absurd the amount of people I run in to! We truly are doing something special and different here. And I am so lucky to be the guy that gets to do it and everything I said in this message had a part. If all of the bad stuff that happened didn’t happen I would never be where I am. There is a damn reason for what you are going through. Realize that! And do your absolute best to be the best you and everything will work out! Thanks everyone that’s making this possible for me love you all!

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